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Who’s Reading The Daily Amazon? These Strong Working Women

These Strong Working Women are reading our fantasy newspaper while on their bus trip to work. Sure, we can do OG fantasy media too.

Your daily dose of real and fantasy amazons is here. We endeavor to post stuff every day on our social media channels right now. We’ll also be posting slice-of-life strong women articles here on our site.

We’re excited and stoked and waiting to engage with you. Let’s go.

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Two not-quite inconspicuous amazons reading a fantasy version of The Daily Amazon. (Fantasy Image/The Daily Amazon)

Thea Beaufort

Thea Beaufort is a fantasy character and the Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Amazon. Growing up, she was always been drawn to the stories of the great female warriors of her tribe which lead her to becoming a War Maiden. After many battles and travels, she decided to begin a career in journalism focusing on strong women and feminist ideals. You can contact Thea at: thea.beauford@thedailyamazon.comView Author posts