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Thea Beaufort: My Devoted Focus To The Power Of Words

When I write, I focus on the power of words. I train as I type like how I sharpen the blade of my sword. Once mastered, words can comfort, harm, galvanize and unleash untold power. They helped me become the War Maiden I am today and also started and ended wars that I fought in.

Thea Beauford - Editor-In-Chief of The Daily Amazon (Fantasy Photo/Staff)
Thea Beaufort – Editor-In-Chief of The Daily Amazon (Fantasy Photo/Staff)

A Girl Inspired By The Power Of Words

At a young age, I was a rebellious thorn at the side of my elders, causing trouble and speaking my mind on impulse. They’d often tell me that I was too loud and I should think of my words carefully before I spoke. Being one of the more stubborn girls, it was easy to be seen. But it wasn’t so easy to send me away when I could push back; much to the elders’ ire. 

When I was about to do chores in the village hall kitchen, I overheard a conversation with foreigners who spoke of stories of legendary warrior women from overseas. These were women who led armies into wars, battled horrible monsters or worked in diplomacy in protecting their kin. 

That night, I snuck around in the library, creeping quietly as I could despite heavy steps. It didn’t matter though. I wouldn’t be denied the chance to discover two of my favorite female characters. First, was the Amazonian Queen of Legend, Hippolyta. Second was Mulan, the legendary Chinese warrior who disguised herself as a man to fight in the army.

A 13-year old Thea Beauford was inspired by the power of words in books about her heroes. (Fantasy Photo / Thea Beaufort)
A 13-year old Thea Beaufort was inspired by the power of words in books about her heroes. (Fantasy Photo / Thea Beaufort)

Every night, I’d sit at a table, quietly captivated by their stories of bravery, wisdom, and leadership. They inspired me to believe that women have the ability to achieve things just as men could in battle. The power in those words taught me that gender should never be a barrier to achieving your dreams and goals.

I soon declared to my elders that I wanted to train harder. My childhood was far from easy, as my village was constantly under threat from raiders and bandits. Our elders made sure to train us to fight off raids and prepare for the dangers that surrounded us. More than anything, I wanted to be like Hippolyta and Mulan. I wanted to wear the armor, hold the weapon, protect our lands and to lead our fighters into war.

To that end, my elders guided me on the path towards becoming a fearsome fighter of war, a War Maiden. 

The Anatomy Of A War Maiden

War Maidens were elite female warriors among different tribes and villages. We were selected for our exceptional physical and mental abilities, as well as our unwavering dedication to our people. We trained from a very young age in a wide range of combat techniques and tactics, as well as in diplomacy, strategy, and leadership.

Thea Beaufort was a War Maiden who protected her homeland from bandits and monsters (Fantasy Photo / Thea Beaufort)
Thea Beaufort was a War Maiden who protected her homeland from bandits and monsters (Fantasy Photo / Thea Beaufort)

One of the key differences between War Maidens and other warrior cultures is our deep connection to the natural world. We believe that the earth and all its creatures are sacred, and that we have a responsibility to protect and care for them. We had to achieve a deep understanding of the land, the animals, and the plants that sustain us. At sixteen, I received my final test and from there, I would be one of the four elite protectors for my village.

Despite the appearance, a War Maiden still played a pivotal role in preventing hasty military action and focusing on diplomacy first. But the power of words still ignited fiery tempers. The worst were from intolerant and self-serving leaders who relished confrontations and all out war. At that point, only the instinct of survival remained in them, and they needed warriors to do their bidding.

I hunted down these warriors before they set foot into our lands.

Digital Words Lighting Up Firestorms

Once I reached adulthood, I would be the one who tended to the library in my spare time, as well as the internet. We did have limited digital contact outside our village to keep tabs on the outside world. At the same time, it also exposed me to the possibilities to have stories told to millions, instantly every second, whether it be real or fake news. And it was within the fake news, where I discovered how words can suddenly incite hurtful actions to other people.

This ignited a restless fire in me. It was a desire to explore the world beyond my small village and to test my abilities. So, a year later, I made the decision to leave my village and strike out on my own. My journey would take me across deserts, forests, and over treacherous mountains, as I faced various challenges and obstacles along the way. Through it all, I remained true to the values and teachings instilled in me, relying on my strength, skills and my words to overcome whatever laid in my path.

I chose to pursue journalism to cover oppressed societies. Needless to say, I became infamous with authoritarian countries whose governments did not appreciate my unflattering stories. I didn’t care. I lent my strength to those who needed words to find their truth.

Thea Beaufort documented the journey of female army soldiers in wars. (Fantasy Photo/SSNN)

Through word of mouth, I landed my first major beat and toured with a female unit in the military. In my work “The Rise of Women in Combat Roles,” I spoke to women soldiers who were serving and highlighted the progress that had been made in terms of gender equality in the armed forces. I documented the challenges women in the military had and also had the opportunity to train some of them. Being there, watching fellow female warriors grow stronger and better skilled, reminded me so much of home.

Leading The Power of Words At the Daily Amazon

I traveled a lot as a correspondent and was contacted by The Daily Amazon for an opportunity to lead a team of journalists and editors, particularly in the realm of promoting strong women and feminist ideals. With no other media outlets that I knew of at the time doing this, I took on the role. It was a big change, but I felt ready for the challenge and ready to lead our editorial team. I wanted our words to be strong, connecting and powerful. I wanted to see what The Daily Amazon can really do.

Thea Beaufort also challenges the traditional notion of femininity by competing as a professional female bodybuilder. (Fantasy Photo / Thea Beaufort)
Thea Beaufort also challenges the traditional notion of femininity by competing as a professional female bodybuilder. (Fantasy Photo / Thea Beaufort)

Away from work, training and from writing, I’m a bodybuilder too. I like to challenge the traditional notion of femininity and show how each of us can define our own style of femininity through our bodies. I’m still also a big bookworm, reading and researching  about tactics, strong women in history and fiction, and yes, I’m a fan of the DC Comics’ Wonder Woman and Big Barda.

Our team of talented and diverse editors, writers and content creators will bring you engaging content in various areas of Amazonian interests, including sports, gaming, fashion, lifestyle, science, magic, and technology. We aim to be a one-stop-shop for all things related to strong women and female empowerment.

We are ready for the challenge and I hope you’ll join us and enjoy the journey.


Thea Beaufort

Thea Beaufort is a fantasy character and the Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Amazon. Growing up, she was always been drawn to the stories of the great female warriors of her tribe which lead her to becoming a War Maiden. After many battles and travels, she decided to begin a career in journalism focusing on strong women and feminist ideals. You can contact Thea at: thea.beauford@thedailyamazon.comView Author posts