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Olympia Perthos: A Powerful Girl Gamer Of Life

Living to the fullest made me a powerful girl gamer of life. You don’t believe me? Wait a minute, you’re imagining yourself looking down on a short, blonde-haired, blue-eyed wood elf, aren’t you? Well, Mr. or Ms. or Mx. or whom you identify as, I am more than what you see in your fantasies. I am all about the power gaming life and earning all the experience points.

Olympia Perthos, a powerful gamer girl of life is The Daily Amazon's Sports and Gaming Editor. (Fantasy Photo / Staff)
Olympia Perthos, a powerful gamer girl of life is The Daily Amazon’s Sports and Gaming Editor. (Fantasy Photo / Staff)

Outplaying The Street Players 

Gaming was always in my programming. My father was a renowned archer and my mother was a swordswoman. They were adventurers who were part of a guild that traveled to distant lands doing quests for those in need. From the time I was a baby,  they cared and trained me as we went. I think I first got into gaming when one of the guild members, a dragonkin warrior, Trargid, babysat me.

Trargid played a shell game with a goblin merchant. I liked the blue color of the ball and when I saw the dealer hide it behind his back, I thought it was funny and pointed at it. Trargid got really mad at the goblin and roasted him.  He ended up giving Trargid all of his money. So, it was much fun to play like that; I was hooked. 

As I grew up, I became an elven fighter who struck from above or up close and personal. I was like an assassin with a cheery, sporty kind of creed.

Olympia in elf warrior mode with bow and arrow. When she games, she’s deadly when she points and shoots. (Fantasy Photo / Olympia Perthos)

Passing Fate To Create A New Hero 

Sports in school were fun for me too. It was those unexpected moments that made it so exciting. There was this one time where in high school I was on our basketball team, we were in the championship game. Our team was down by two points with only seconds left on the clock. 

I had the ball in the paint and I got triple-teamed with girls who were at least a foot taller than me. In the corner of my eye, our guard, Meleia Vyises, was wide open. But she hasn’t scored all game, let alone a three this season. With seven seconds left, I passed the ball along with our team’s hopes and dreams. 

Five seconds left, she looked at me wide-eyed. She stepped behind the line, took a breath, bent her knees and shot a rainbow over all of us. Everything went silent and the buzzer sounded, followed by a swish and the crowd went wild. 

Olympia’s (2nd left back) high school basketball team winning the championship. Meleia Vyises (center right front holding ball) scored the winning shot. (Fantasy Photo / Olympia Perthos)

Meleia became a new basketball hero and rose to be among the best in the women’s pro league. She still plays to this day where inspired fans cheered for her. As for me, I took a pass on the pro leagues. I also had other interests and passions that I wanted to explore. There was still a lot of power gaming to be had. 

The Lifestyle Of The Powerful Gamer Girl

When I’m not gaming physically, I game digitally. Through immersive worlds, interactive storylines and fantasy scenarios, the experiences were endless. I loved the community and camaraderie that came with being a part of the gaming community. That was how I learned of the stories of others who gamed to explore other sides of themselves. 

Games that appealed to me were the ones where I managed civilizations, explored new territories and  conducted diplomacy with other nations. I even loved to play on the individual people, like in The Sims. 

Olympia games daily and is passionate of the interactions and competition online… (Fantasy Photo / Staff)

I love the Sims! I can create even more worlds and do as I please. I can make those people happy, sad, rich and poor. If I wanted, I could destroy their universe and not worry about the real-world consequences.  

Some people also used gaming as a way to harm people in real life. Normally, it was a random person who just hurled toxic words at me. One time, a player wouldn’t stop harassing me in a game saying that I couldn’t be a girl if I played better than he could. That player wished harm on me and my friends. 

Not everyone can protect themselves. If anyone made a threat like that, I made sure they never got the chance to harm me or my friends. It was like when I’m on a sports team; I always protected my teammates.

…very, very passionate. (Fantasy Photo / Staff)

Creating safe spaces and promoting inclusivity can go a long way in making environments more welcoming for female gamers. They need to see strong, relatable characters that they can identify with and aspire to be likeable. Those are just a few goals I have while being the sports and gaming editor here at The Daily Amazon. 

Olympia On Strong Female Characters

In Wood Elf culture, both masculinity and femininity are valued and respected regardless of which genders express them. Strength and physical ability are not limited to one gender, so there is no gender-based discrimination or prejudice. It’s unlike athletic, muscular or strong female characters in other cultures.

The key to creating good physical female characters in video games is to focus on realistic representations of a physically strong women. That means incorporating stronger-looking proportions while showing the character’s own style of femininity than to just conform to the one constructed by pop culture. They also need a personality and desires, not just the need for snu-snu. Let them connect with us.

“You guys talk about Aloy’s chonky cheeks, Tifa’s smaller boobs, Abby’s muscles and Tracer’s butt. But, what about talking about how much these ladies kick ass?” – Olympia (Screenshots: Sony / Square Enix / Sony / Blizzard)

Diverse body types and representation help to break down harmful stereotypes about strong women and promote body positivity. Overall, the goal should always be to create female characters that are capable and inspiring to players of all genders.

Gamer Girl Power Cheering Over Jeering 

Nowadays, I do cheerleading, tumbling and spreading positivity wherever I go. I do that because it’s easier for most people to hate than it is to love. It should be the other way around and I’m making it a sport to destroy and break through those barriers. So, cheerleading is a great way to stay active, strong and engage with others in a positive way. Plus, it’s a fun and exciting sport that lets me showcase my athleticism in a different way than I do on the field.

Olympia, as a powerful girl gamer cheerleader, does her best to lift up other people. (Fantasy Photo / Staff)

I want to give our readers and the people we write about, boundless energy. Awesome people should keep doing the awesome things they do. Then, we’ll feed each other more positive energy to get stronger. We gamer girls get stronger and more powerful when we play and cheer together like this:

“Go, go, go, let’s make a play
Gamer girls, we slay all day!
From console to keyboard, we dominate
With skill and strategy, we’re first-rate!
Level up, level up, let’s win the game
Gamer girls, we bring the flame!”

The Powerful Gamer Girl’s Cheer

That’s my way of being a powerful gamer girl in life, by lifting others up, level by level. 

“My gamer girl cheer from me to you!” – Olympia (Fantasy Photo / Staff)


Olympia Perthos

Olympia Perthos is a fantasy character and the Sports and Gaming editor for The Daily Amazon. An avid athlete and gamer, Olympia grew up in the forests in a society close to nature and agility within the forest. It's in her Wood Elven blood! Olympia enjoys exploring the nature, culture and beliefs of many races in the fantasy multi-verse. This petite elf's ambitions go beyond infinity and beyond. You can contact Olympia at: olympia.perthos@thedailyamazon.comView Author posts